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The Court

Oh, you people

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This is Our Place.

The court:
doingfirst: Queen
ifihadameadow: King
cirakaite: Sex.
chaneystarr: The Princess!!!!
effervescent: Naughty School Child
tolarian: Court Machiavellian Physician Advisor
opaquebubble: The Court's Keeper of the Kingdom Bubbles.
ordencodex: Concubine Jester
selene_rain: Undetermined. Something kinky.
race_carrigan: Scarlet Woman

We are Elite and Royalty. And very, very naked.
concubine jester, dj, insanity, juggling, katie, kerri, king, king/queen/sex, licking, machiavellian physician advisor, meghan, positivity, princess rynn, queen, role playing, sally, sarah, scarlet, sex, the court, zoe